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Last week, I went to seminar organized by Ankit Fadia in co-ordination with Reliance. Ankit Fadia is one of the Top Ethical Hacker in the World. On this seminar, he said , that “The Google maintains a Permanent Storage of all searches, mails, ORKUTing associated with GMail account , Name (as per the account) including current browsing IP Address”. It destroys your Privacy. Even if you visit a website, the owner can get a full details about your Browser, Geo Location, IP address, Version of OS etc. which can be used to attack and hack you too.

So it is better to use Proxy server to browse the Internet which give Anonymity. These proxy sites provides its IP location and hides your IP address. There are thousand (may be Millions) proxy sites when you google search . Besides giving you anonymity, some sites also notes down your IP in the web servers.
But Today I going to tell a website which does not even saves your IP address. Go to . Most of the Russian websites does not tracks your IP address which we can take advantage of it.

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  1. I have found that people like to get onto facebook / youtube / myspace when they are at work. So the simple way to do that if it is blocked is just to unblock it with a facebook / youtube / myspace proxy. You can always find new ones if yours gets blocked.

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