Change your default router settings

There are over millions users across the world using ADSL/DSL routers for connecting to the Internet. Although having powerful Internet security software such as Kaspersky, AVG 2011 can protect you, there are few simple ways to hackers can manage your Router settings, gain access and change the internal settings. This is strictly for protecting yourself and for educational purpose.  If you are using this trick to access others property without permission, you are sole responsible.

First let me tell how people get access:

There are many ways to get IP address such visiting malware affected website,  uTorrent and other Peer to Peer network, IP scanner tool.

Here I am downloading files via uTorrent, you can see a list of IP address from which the data is sent and received.

utorrent displaying IP address

So let’s take an IP and check it.

victim's IP address via utorrent

You will see the dialogue box requesting the username and password. This is the main security issue used by the  hackers to get control of the victim’s router.

router dialog box

As I am a networking student, I can easily guess what the default username and password for the standard routers. You can easily search in google to find the default login credentials.

router settting

You can see the device connected, MAC address and the can change the settings.

How to protect?

It is simple. If you have manual from your modem manufacturer, you should login as Administrator and change the default password. If you don’t have the manual, search “Default username and password for 220BXI ADSL” in google. Replace 220BXI ADSL with your modem model.

Remember, “A stitch in time saves nine

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  1. Totally true, it is incredible how many people leave the default configuration, including the admin user name and password.

    I’d add one little additional tip: Change the internal LAN default IP address range! Routers come with a default IP address range, typically starting with 192.68…. Why make it easy for any kind of malware? CHANGE the local LAN to use a different IP range, say 112.97.234.XXX. It’s not that complicated….

    • Yeah. Some router supports to assign Private class IP. But after connecting to the internet, the Public IP is mapped to Private IP. So no use of changing it.


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