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If you are looking for downloading files from Rapidshare(RS) , you may be frustrated with their service. Especially for free users .  You would need to wait in order to download. There are lot of websites faking you to provide free accounts with the keyword UPDATED – LOL. Even i have come across thousand of sites . They collect our information and hit over email with SPAM too. Here is a tool that is good for Free users especially for those who download lots of file from RS

RapidGet is a free small program designed to download files from rapidshare. Unlike like Premium users , this will help to Progress to download files by queuing . This is “How it works“.


  1. Open RapidGet
  2. Paste the rapidshare link in the box.
  3. It will check every 5 mins whether it could download file . (incase if you have already downloaded files before)
  4. After the time , it will automatically download the file.
  5. Again it will wait for the next file and download the files  !

This way you can schedule the task continue your work like watching movies, TV , reading ebooks , etc

This software also have features to use Proxy, use Premium accounts in rapidshare,  megaupload or other service and download it without waiting time . It also supports 47 languages. It is good way to download from RS.

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