Re-enter blogging

There is always a bad time. You can see this in business, blogging and even studies. When it comes to blog, you can feel like quitting and sell it. Here are few tips to

Movies and real world:

Try to forget the blog for the moment. You could certainly feel that you are relieved for now. Enjoy the world outside the internet. You can go and watch movies with friends, spend more time with your family members, play games all through the day. These moments will be a great changer. You should understand that only Internet is not the world. I mean, in the current era

Watching movies with friends

Although you may have a good design, tweaking the design and structure can engage you with your blog.  You will have a new energy which persuades you to write more interesting articles.


You may have started the blog after getting inspired by Probloggers such as Amit AgarwalHarsh Agrawal , Darren Rowse . It is time to visit back and spend some time there. You can see some of the interview by other bloggers and monthly income which they share through their blog.


Narrow your quest. We see advancement in technology every day. But that does not mean, you should always stand on the top for catching new content. Example, you can choose “Cloud computing” category and write articles on that field every Wednesday.

Getting ready:

After getting inspired, start write away and get your hands dirty. If you have ideas flowing, write it down on a paper or Sticky notes. Go through the list now and then. Research, put your own thoughts and click Publish. 

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