Removing man8.exe file


Man8.exe a worm which spreads via torrents, recently I faced this problem and I found the way from a website to revover my PC.

If you are using free anti-virus software to protect your system, some times free anti-virus software will not remove this kind of virus/worms. Man8.exe worm can be found in C:WINDOWS/system32/man8.exe

MAN8.EXE performs the following behavior in your system

* The Process is packed and/or encrypted using a software packing process
* Found on infected systems and resists interrogation by security products
* Checks for the use of debuggers
* Creates a new Background Service on the machine
* Looks at the contents of the autoexec.bat file
* Reads email address and phone book details
* Disables Anonymous Access to the Windows Network Shares
* Prevents Installation Of Windows XP Service Pack 2
* Disables the DCOM Ability within Windows
* Disables the Default Windows Network Shares
* Disables the built in Windows File Protection System
* Automatically changes your firewall settings to allow itself or other programs to communicate over the internet
* This process creates other processes on disk
* This Process Deletes Other Processes From Disk
* Violates Windows/Vista Physical Memory Protection allowing it to look inside the data areas of other programs
* Executes a Process
* Writes to another Process?s Virtual Memory (Process Hijacking)
* Creates a TCP port which listens and is available for communication initiated by other computers
* Makes outbound connections to other computers using NETBIOSOUT protocols

MAN8.EXE has been the subject of the following behavior

* Created as a new Background Service on the machine
* Copied to multiple locations on the system
* Deleted as a process from disk
* Executed as a Process
* Created as a process on disk
* Added as a Registry auto start to load Program on Boot up.

Information via : Windows Vista Place


If you find any of the problem listed above, all you need to do is download any premium anti-virus software like kaspersky for trial period. Scan complete windows folders and hard drive, which will neutralize or deletes virus/worm from your PC.

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