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Google launched the Beta version of Google Search yesterday. The main feature Google needed to provide to its user is Searches should not be traced or viewed by third party applications or even Internet Service Providers(ISP). By using SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) for search there will be secure connection between your computer and the Google Server. This means that even your company’s firewall can’t interrupt you in search results  from the restricted websites. I still think that even the individual country’s filtering will not be done in these Searches. Not sure. In that case , only Google will be providing a censored searches and not from Country’s monitoring  and firewall software. See  Global Internet Filtering .

However , SSL encryption results are  not provided to Image search and Google maps. They will be available soon.  Also the SSL encryption is not available to the local domains(low TLD’s) like , , .fr etc . For SSL searches, visit :

A simply video about SSL :

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