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Two days ago, i saw a post in Creative Blogging ideas about people’s tends towards Quality Backlinks. Yup. People who works to increase the PageRank and their site visibility on Search Engine know this secret. But how to get them ?  People try to post Comments to other blogs , reciprocal links, Directory submission , Buying 1 way links , Article submission etc. Article submission is one of the great things . Because when you write a article in High PR site , you get good Quality Backlink. When the high PR page is indexed , your website link is also taken with it. These links is best than other areas like footer , Comments,  Blogroll. Today many websites provide you to write Guest articles in there . These are great and amazing . This not only allows you to get backlinks but also catches some followers from that website and converts to your site’s Loyal visitor. If you want to try some guest , check out website like Ezinearticle . Google simply loves these backlinks and helps you to rank high in search results. Eventually when you get high ranks and traffic , people also come to pen down their articles in your website.

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