Google I/O: A short view of SEO Expert advice

Hi folks, this is not about any tech stuffs , sorry , i have a busy schedule in upcoming week , the thing i wanted to share is , Have you watched the Google I/O 2010 : SEO site advice for experts(i had also embedded below) , it is  1 hour video , so don’t be lazy to watch, i know you won’t be lazy :)

The keynote in the video are:

* Use  Content in the Home page , update the CMS (like wordpress)

* Write a description,reviews for products or any software , try to get user comments .

* Use Related articles , related software  which actually make the visitors to stay on your website longer and also decreases the Bounce rate.

* Don’t forget to include H1 Tag

* Try to have good Ad placement.

These are some point that is described in the video

The another weird thing in the video is , my post in Digitalpoint Forum is seen in the video time 13:51(Time)

WoW, i was surprised.The post was

I watched throughout the video whether the post had any thing  to do. But Nothing . Yuk.

I had also submitted the site review but there was a lack of time for discussing many websites.

I am going out of station this week, so it is hard to find time to write. I will try check new  comments from my cell phone. =) Ceya later . Take Care guys

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