Spam Mail Source

Today there are many spam mails that hit your Email and Annoys You.
These mails are targeted to spread Mailware/spywares and/or to promote Products.
PandaSecurity Lab recently released a report of Spam mail origins .
According to PandaLabs,

– Panda Security has analyzed nearly five million spam messages generated in January and February 2010, sent from one million different IP addresses

Some of the Top Source of Spam mails by countrywise is
* Brazil
* India
* Korea Republic
* Vietnam
* United States

Also the report says that the Most Spam mails are sent by Several host computer by Botnet program that is programmed by a Under-Roof Hacker.
World Citywise report says,
* Seoul(Republic of Korea)
* Hanoi (Vietnam)
* New Delhi(India)
take up the position in the Top three place.
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