Startup Leadership Program(SLP) Experience


Many aspiring entrepreneurs have messaged me about Startup Leadership Program(SLP) experience via Facebook and Email. This article gives a sneak peak of the SLP experience**

SLP(Startup Leadership Program) is for first-time founders & aspiring entrepreneur to nurture personal and business aspects.

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About 10 to 15 members will be selected per batch in a SLP Chapter(say Mumbai city).

You have class on alternative saturday for a 6 months period. In each class, you have a topic of discussion among your peers, with SLP reference material(docs, videos), guided by Program Leaders and fellow entrepreneur (from your city – SLP mentors, SLP & non-SLP experienced founders) who will share their experience.

It also provides a lot of opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs and SLP member across the globe.

You have to pay a nominal fee of Rs. 9000 (varies for each chapter). SLP Chapter will take care of place, food and other expenses.

At the end of the course, your thought process will definitely change :)

The application for SLP 2014-15 is open and you can apply for it by visiting the link :


P.S : *I’m a Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Chennai 2013 – 14 Batch.

P.P.S : **Blogging from my bedroom and the lights are off ;-)

Please Submit the application only if you can make time and attend the classes. The essence of joining SLP is to get the most value out of the program.

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