[Updated] Things you should be aware of… before purchasing from BigRock

BigRock is one of my favorite domain registrar. In the last few years, I had bought more than 20 domains – for personal as well as for friends, business use, college events, etc. The main reason why I go with BigRock is, it supports major payment methods – Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal, Offline Payment such as Demand Draft.

Being a customers for several months, here are two things you should be aware of.

Tax :
Most of the global domain name registrars charge you flat $0.18 (18 cents – ICANN fee)  along with actual price. BigRock being a company operating in India and by purchasing ANYTHING from them, you are liable to pay service tax –  additional 12.36% .  You have to pay Rs. 74($1.50) extra for registering a .COM domain.


No renewal codes:

If you have thinking to stay with bigrock for long time, then you will feel the pain. You can’t use any coupons/discount codes(+ you pay 12.36% tax).  Last year the price of .COM and .NET went up by 7%. In July 2013, NET domain name prices will again hike by 10% . In such cases, you have to pay the price which they dictate!

Update ( 14/Feb/2013 ) :
A person from BigRock Team contacted me and told they had removed the service tax fees recently. Happy to know :)
Now the Tax field shows Rs.0.

BigRock Checkout

However when I tried to confirm the tax exemption for renewals, there was a problem(or an error).

Bigrock .net renewal

Tax is applied to .IN TLDs while .COM, .ORG, .NET doesn’t have any tax applicable.

bigrock .in renewals

Hope they allow discount coupons for renewals in the future.

Update II (15 Feb,2013) :  
Renewal pricing for .IN has been fixed :)

Agree? Please post your comments below.

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