Tips For Buying/Upgrading Processors


It is essential to have a good configuration PC to run your application , play Games, and so on with out any problem. One of the most important is to have a good Processor. Today i am going to say some Valuable Tips before buying a Processor. In Today’s Market, Intel and AMD are the most used Processors in Windows Operating System while Motorola Processors in Mac. Most people think Intel Processors are more worth than AMD . If you are going to check out most of the Retail Store for PC/Laptop , they show you most of the configuration with Intel and make you think AMD is in bin . But What actually is, Intel has paid Billion dollars to PC/Laptop manufacturer for not buying AMD and using INTEL there by increasing their production. But Intel was caught off by European AntiTrust Law(Link to Techcrunch).
So feel free that AMD is also great compatitive Processor to Intel. Back on the Track,

First think what is the primary purpose to upgrade the purpose. If you have a computer and you use it for surfing Internet, working with Microsoft Office , work at home with the application that you no longer need any future processor upgrade, in such cases you can get a processor that best suits it rather than buying a higer capacity Processors like Intel i3 or i7. These processors are for Addicted Gamers :-), people who are working with WorkBench application and some more. So it is Highly Recommended to jot down for what you are using your System and is it Upgrading is really worth.

Secondly , check whether the Processors you are buying will by compatable with your motherboard. If not you will have to replace the motherboard which doubles your cost. There should be a compatibilty between your Motherboard and processors.

Next think is to check whether it will support for the future Games/Application . If you are now buying Core 2 duo Processor for your Gaming PC and after 6 or 12 Months, you will have to upgrade the processors again. Because the Games that are coming in the market are expecting the higer processor speed to meet maximum Gaming Experience. So you have to see the processor that you purchase will be compatible for next 2 years.

I think you will have a good idea after reading this post, your comments are welcomed. :D

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