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If you have trouble with Torrific, you can use . It is an alternative to torrific and it is built on Java, so you have to allow it to run(it’s safe)
bitlet org

BitTorrent is one of famous way to share files through P2P(peer-to-peer) network . Many legal and illegal files are being downloaded by Billions of people everyday . The major problem user faces are  less or no seed , low download transfer or some times P2P may be blocked by ISP . Here is a way to help you.

Torrific (previous called as BTaccel) is website that allows you to download Torrent files through FTP via web browser. You need to log in to Torrific (free sign up) and paste the URL of the torrent file and click  Get button. If the file is already in the Server cache(proxy) , it will allow you to download it instantly via browser . Many popular torrents are available in the cache. If the file you requested is not available , then you need to wait 24 to 72 hours depending on the queue status, you will get an email alert to your account(that you used to registered with Torrific) . You can download without any problem at your maximum speed unlike in Torrent where the download speed fluctuate .

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