[Trick] Number of Readers

If you are developing any business , you need to keep an eye on your competitors . It reminds of a quote

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

I don’t tell  Competitors are enemies, but You can gain a lot of confidence from competitors. You certainly need  Target to achieve . The same thing comes in blogging too. If you are looking to know the number of Readers , you can use this Trick. feed stat - number of readers
Although many bloggers post the stat to attract the number of Readers already following , others try to hide for purpose of the competitors.

Copy the code in the address bar ,


You need to change the “SubscriptionName” to their site name(in most case) or visit them and try to know by Clicking Feedburner RSS Channel

Techcrunch number of readers

This work well only when the webmaster had set up Feedburner .

This trick can also help Advertiser to know the stat of the ad displaying sites.

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  1. lol.. awesome trick but any person with basic html knowledge can find it out. I have seen many bloggers doing this. :D

  2. nice, i have seen many bloggers doing this by manually placing images. I hope you grow your real subscribers and don’t ever need to use it.
    Keep blogging


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