Using Facebook Sign up for your website or forum

In today’s world, Facebook is another identity for us besides Driving license , Voter ID (or SSN). Many websites, startups and forums started integrating their registration process with Facebook for the ease of the users. I had been using the Facebook integration for my vbulletin forum for the past six months and here is my observations.


  • One Click Integration
  • Get more details than standard registration process – Capturing Bio, Interest, other personal details
  • Permission to post on their behalf – helping in virality
  • Less Spam – Nearly 99% users who uses Facebook Connect are real users. If your website or forum has standard registration process, You will see hundreds of Spam/bot registration ( uhhh… we get in thousands if Anti-Spam filters are not set )

The problem with this is…

No Facebook – No Shitlet me explain what it means,

Most users who are registered with the Facebook Connect don’t prefer to login to our site by entering their Facebook Credentials

login to facebook

Of-course they will Register/login to our sites with one click button if there is browsing facebook. Not all the users uses facebook whenever he is connected to the Internet (In worldwide perspective)

A Better approach:

It is vital to use Facebook Integration in our websites for many reason mentioned above. In that cases, develop the site to get username, password (enough…    or other necessary details) and then use Facebook Connect and/or Email confirmation link  for verifying their account.

By this approach, users don’t have to be logged on Facebook to access your website. They can use your website login details or Facebook Connect to access your content. At the same time, you also prevent many spam registrations.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below.

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