Imacros addon for web Browser

A macro is a plugin/add-on/software that allows you repeat the steps that you have recorded in one-click . Macros are famous in MS office software package – Word and Excel . A simple video about working with Macro in MS Word is embedded below .

This is how a macro works in word document .

Imacro recordIf you are tired of logging in to gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail , facebook , twitter , blog , money making sites etc , you can save the action once and there after log-in easily with 1-click .  For web browser,the famous macro tool is from iOpus. The addon version is available for Firefox, Chrome and IE . This will Automate your browser to do the required action. The user settings are saved in macro files – iim file . It is very simple to create and edit .

Once you install the add -on , go to the sidebar and click the record button and perform the tasks like entering the domain name and signing in . Once it is over, you can click Stop button.

Next time when you open a new tab ,  click the Play button in the IMacro window . This makes your actions automated.

A video about “How to work with IMacro

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