want to change your gmail address/username ? try this

In this era, every person in the world have a webmail account like gmail or yahoo or others. Letter(mail) has gone and email has made a huge impact. According to a report in last year, Gmail has surpassed 150 million unique users. I am sure the numbers would have increased by 3x or 4x times after the launch of Google docs, Google Apps etc. There are many reasons for you to change your email address. Some reason are

  • your username (username@gmail.com) is very long . eg. HiSwatATechnoBlog@gmail.com
  • using 0 (zeros). Whenever people refer your email address in real world , they get a doubt whether it is Zero or O (alphabet)
  • You had created  email address with funny keyword like sivaganesh.love or IamSivaGaneshDon. You might also feel little awkward when you write your email address on Job application or business purpose.

If you had been using the email address for years , you are unlikely to dispose the current account because you had already shared your email address with family , friends, colleges, work place etc and  you don’t want to lose the confidential mails.

Gmail officially don’t allow in changing your username. However in-order to use a new desired username , we can use a trick!

  • Sign Up for a new gmail account with new username
  • Go to the Setting page on right corner of the page
  • add pop3 in gmail Click Accounts and Import Tab and click Add POP3 email account in “Check mail using POP3 section

add email now

  • Enter the old gmail address and hit enter Next

add pop3 in gmail 3

  • Enter the username again (i.e username@gmail.com ) , password , use smtp.gmail.com , Port  995 and click Next. (In addition , you can add label to notify that it is from old email account.)

add pop3 in gmail 4

  • Enter the verification code which is sent to the old gmail account.

Google mail will automatically retrieve your old emails and future incoming mails. It’s simple. So have the username you need =)

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  1. Thanks for such informative post. i was looking for it from last 2-3 months. You make my task easy, I?m so happy to have your blog. Thanks a lot, keep on like that. From now I?m a regular user of your blog.


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