Weak Passwords

While giving a Password to a email account , Twitter , or any social networking site like Facebook or Orkut or others, you should keep a strong Password to protect your Account. Here are some common Password that a Hacker or your Friend can easily guess and get access to your account.Here are some Weak password:

1. qwertyuiop OR asdfghjkl OR zxcvbnm (Letters in a single row of a Keyboard)
2. 123456789 or 987654321
3. 11111111 (or any repetition )
4. internet
5. password
6. Your name (Generally most site will not allow to keep your name)
7.Your close Relation or Friends name (Easy to be guessed by your Neighbours)
8.aaaaaaa (or repetition of any letters)
9. Site name (eg. googlemail)
10. Your Date of Birth

I recommend you to keep a password that is mixture of Character(both upper case and Lower case),symbols, space and numbers.
eg. Dr57rfbb$

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