Welcome to the new Yahoo mail

Last month, there was an announcement that yahoo is rolling out a new design and features in their web mail service. Today one of my friend shared that yahoo had released the beta version already. Have a look at it.

yahoo mail neo beta

Not all the users are upgraded to the new design. I think you will see this in few days. However if you follow this link http://us.mg.mail.yahoo.com/neo/launch and choose I accept ToS and privacy policy and click continue, you can feel the new look.

Some of the new features are increase in storage , more speed, new chat layout, advanced spam protection, attachments are scanned via improved AV etc.

Few things I noted was.

  • If you are a iPhone or iPod touch user , you could have seen this still in minimized screen.
  • Unread mails that are moved to Trash are shown as Notification in the Title bar. That’s pretty ugly. #FAIL Update: They had fixed it now :)

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  1. I like the new style of Yahoo! It look so professional and visual to use.
    Thanks your information! Nice post, friend!

  2. Nice style,I was a yahoo user. But changed to gmail 2 years before. Simplicity is the key of gmail, yahoo need to try harder to beat it.
    Thanks for sharing it :-)


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