When Should You Switch to A Dedicated Server?

You may be running your website on a VPS and you might think it is enough but the truth is if you are having tens of thousands of visitors daily and your sales graph is growing up, you might need a dedicated hosting server now. Even if VPS hosting is enough for to handle your site’s traffic but frankly saying you should avoid taking any sort of chances because even if your website is down for a day, you will lose considerable number of visitors and hence number of sales will decline hurting your business, so why not take precautions from the get go?

However there are a few things which you need to keep in mind if you are pondering over about opting for a dedicated server.

What are the Advantages of a Dedicated Server ?
1. Configuration
There are a number of advantages of a dedicated server but the key one being configurability. Virtual servers have a limitation that they can only be modified to a certain degree or a certain extent. Besides the provided control panel and server plugins, you can’t really do anything much. Tools such as Fantastico will enable you to install the common software, but if you are thinking to install LUA as scripting language, it can’t be expected on a virtual server. Further, with a dedicated server you will have full control over what you do without hurting other websites which are on the same server which means more flexibility.

2. Rapid Response
To be honest, virtual servers are as the name suggests virtual only. Apart from the fact that there is overhead in running virtualizing engine, every packet is needed to be routed to the server. A dedicated server won’t experience such problem. When the packet is arrived at the server here, it will surely be there. So as far as applications and softwares which require millisecond precision are concerned, a dedicated server is the way to go.

3. Reliability
Less software implies less complexity. Virtualization software is a bit complex. A dedicated server runs much cleaner and only hosts your content.

When should you switch?
Not all websites requires the additional horsepower which dedicated server is capable of. Small sites load quickly and don’t require dedicated server. But if you are one of those sites as mentioned earlier which has tens of thousands of visitors, a shopping cart, lot of user activity, lot of adding, loading and storage of heavy files, then probably it is a good idea to opt for a dedicated server.

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