Windows 7 : [How to] Change sleep option

Changing settings for Sleep or Hibernate is not recommend in terms of power saving. However if you have got in a situation like me, it would be useful. Today I was downloading a movie (not to mention the name – clue is Socializing world story :P ) As I was downloading via Browser, it was large file and so I left the PC intact. Later when I switched back, I found myself kicking back. The windows 7 power saving option has put ON the sleep mode and the Internet connection was stopped temporarily. The files that were downloading failed to communicate with the server.  Here is a step how to change sleep option in Windows 7 PC.

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click the Power options
  • Click the Change plan settings in the balanced section.

balanced power option

  • In the next window, change the time you wanted to have.

sleep power option

  • If you need to change the Hiberate settings, you need to click  “Change advanced power settings“. You can also see the sleep setting here. To know more about Hibernate, visit Wiki

advanced power option

Choose the corresponding option , click ON button and save the settings. Here after you can adjust the sleeping time as you like. :)

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