Windows Marketplace Hacked

Microsoft had launched Windows Marketplace last month along with its Windows Mobile 6.5 update. According to WMPoweruser, xda-developers forum member named Chainfire managed to crack Microsoft’s new copy protection code “in less than two hours”. This must’ve got Microsoft worried about the anti-piracy measures being used for Windows Marketplace.

Microsoft announced new features and second level of stronger anti-piracy protection for the developers. Earlier too Chainfire had found a hack for the CAB file based copy protection in less than five minutes. Now, Chainfire again cracked the code of protection layer.

Obviously, Chainfire won’t be releasing the hack to public as his intention is to make Microsoft aware about the weak copy-protection measures implemented. This might shake up the developers who’d be looking forward to make some money off the Windows Marketplace. Such weak anti-piracy protection layers would make them think twice if they should develop apps for platform or not. Hence, Microsoft needs to provide more secured anti-piracy protection layer for the Windows Marketplace.

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