WordPress 3.0 error[updated]

I had recently updated to the Final version of WordPress 3.0 . The new version is awesome and I’m really loving it. From the day  i have  updated to WP 3.0, i had across a bug.  most of the time when i log in , there is notification in updates section [Dashboard —> Updates ].

Wordpress error

Wordpress error

When i click updates, there is nothing . It shows, “Themes and Plugins are all up to date” .

Wordpress error

Anyone else getting this error notification ?

Should i reinstall WordPress 3.0 ? or any other solution ?

I re-installed WordPress but still there is wrong notification.

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  1. I am a new comer, so not well aware of wordpress, but I got the same error when I auto updating (as shown your second image). I selected the re-install, and it solved my issue.

  2. Hi, I too updated to wordpress 3.0 but didnt notice this error. Please try optimizing or repairing your database. Make sure to backup your database before doing it. THanks


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