WordPress Hosting Offer

WpWebHost has came up with an offer to give 90% discount to its customers on Freedom plan. This plan would help the Blogger buddies to host their website for negligible price. The freedom plan gives you

* 50 GB Diskspace/webspace

* 500 GB Bandwidth

* Unlimited Email accounts.

* Host 50 additional domains

* unlimited domains etc

This is more than enough for any newbies and middle level users. The monthly price is only 0.50$ – 6$/year. I have signed up for an affiliate with them, if you wish, you can sign up with our banners.

Remember this offer start from 3 Jun 2010 morning 00:01 (GMT -7:00)  and end soon.

Link:  http://bit.ly/bKhjyM

Update: The offer is limited and see the discount limit:

Remember the offer starts from June 3rd, [GMT – 7.00 hrs]

Update 2 : 90%  and 80% discounts are over. other discounts are available

70% off 50 units WPWHNEW70
60% off 100 units WPWHNEW60
50% off 200 units WPWHNEW50
from 3 Jun 2010 morning 00:01 (GMT -7:00)

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