Yahoo starts sharing updates

Recently  many of the people after logging in to their Yahoo mail see they were connected to their Facebook account, Yahoo Updates. All the updates will be shared with the contact that are linked to  your yahoo account – emails, facebook friends etc. Yahoo had launched these updates, after seeing the popularity of  Buzz, a sharing tool from Google.

I don’t like using them and if like to stop the updates, change the manage settings by visiting the link(after logged in) :

and Check the box“Disable Updates in Yahoo! Mail. This setting permanently stops Updates from appearing in your Yahoo! Mail

click “ok” in the pop up box that appear with the following message

If you stop seeing Updates, you won’t get to see what people in your Contacts and Messenger lists are up to. If you’re sure, then click “OK”.

from then , there won’t be any updates in your Inbox from your contacts.

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