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The World’s first Social Media Network , Facebook announced on it’s blog that users from 45 countries(50 mobile operators) can check the Facebook’s  latest updates, post, feeds, etc via GPRS enabled mobile phones for free.  The plan is named as ‘Zero’ facebook plan as it does not cost you to use facebook . The plan was prepared in february of this year and it is now established. The main points to be noted is

* you need to log in from (zero-dot-facebook-dot-com)

* Photo are not displayed.

* If you want the photos to be displayed , you need to use mobile version( of the site which cost you  standard GPRS rates

This zero version facebook is faster and are available at no cost to the users of 50 Telecom operators across the Globe.In India, users of Reliance and Videocon can avail this. They have also posted that sooner , this zero version will be available to more  11 operators

List of Operators :

I check this link from my Airtel and also from my PC, i got this message.

Update :

AirTel has also joined with Facebook to provide Zero Facebook access to it customers for free .

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